Meet Midwife Mollie!


Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.
– Jane Weideman

Mollie started her journey to be a midwife at the young age of 19. It was a time when there were only about 15 practicing midwives in the DFW metroplex and Mollie was privileged to work with all of them. Being young and single gave her an advantage to finish her midwifery training in a short amount of time and set up practice in Johnson County, just south of Fort Worth.

Mollie has been serving the community as a midwife for almost 20 years now. In that time she has gotten married, started raising a family  and has caught hundreds of sweet babies. Even a sibling set of 6! Being a midwife to Mollie is more then a job, its a calling and a passion.

Choosing Mollie as your midwife you are assured to receive amazing and genuine care for mom, baby and the whole family. She believes midwives are keepers of safe birth and by allowing the birth to unfold unhindered, without interventions you can achieve the birth of your dreams.